Jazz Blues’

Intense passions on marshes
Letting humans feed on
Flesh of migratory birds
Obviously it’s a lot of mental pressure
Playing on life grounds
With utterly your own ones,
Can you envision the maniac drive,
The tour was never an utter dismal one
The greatest wish
I had was
As jazz is my ethereal whim
I didn’t see New Orleans
“U didn’t see New Orleans?”
Silly me as always
Wanted to just bet on
that had never made any
Hit the jackpot
Followed races
With no finish line
Yet made me more of an indoor
Snakes and ladders don’t amuse me
Cards a pass of time
Another time
It’s New Orleans
And openings
Of the heart to
from where the sun had exchanged
many a glorious winked sighs
Again being a lazy bum
Absolutely never craved for more
than what was never mine
Again, in my entire blogs there will be
no mention to any living or dead person
It’s all in my mind, ok,
Skip, if upon don’t like
Here’s to jazz😻

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