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The question is open Why did you knock on Others door When you were in your so called paradise There is no justification For the angels Both One that took You back The other That still struggled As she was only human anyways, The fault Remains With others always, as Your…

God help us all with our spills

Why I limped with fate Anyone could not sustain Simply because damned rage Had its swallow Feasting on my Weaknesses No clue my own Took a feast on me Fangs relished In utter gluttony Wish I should have acted as A vegetable Or a nun But “my rage tinged my insides With a jelly fish […]

Second Chances’

“Please be my pillar of strength”, Sure, When all that I got was stoned to death A far cry, For letting you in Without getting a rent In this place Eat read or pray But never ask for More Than you had aspired To become, Stand on your own feet Hold your hunched back straight […]

Wag your Tongue

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When people talk They talk Mostly Behind your back better for me I already know What you know Or what I wanted you to know Or your jumbled half truth, mostly true, Or simply untrue, point I think, It’s acceptable and appropriate If they are being kinder Or simply being nice…

Buried Alive

When the dust and sand Will take your breath away Your heart will remember The cult Had already told on you The point Where you had Intersected By the way Trying to ask For thy shirt She had torn To be worn Signalling still To be aware Yet, women bond And should have Asked or […]

Not On Your Case

At the most Keep your face Straight When you Know You have never Been Even alive At the Drowns and ebbs A face That’s only Surfaced When another Hits base So the priest Has no role Except Then when one exceed their rate The best alibi At the running rate As burdened While saving grace […]

Let the world guessing…….

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A broken soul once said, “I feel like shit, and look like shit”. That’s when I understood If you feel like shit, don’t look it. As, the world should never know, That broken souls, Try harder to thrive So look your best, Even if in a rut. Some sage said, Looking…

We are still British …..

Not suggesting that The British were not benevolent Their wander to further lands Was not just the lure of spices Or the thrill of posting flags Or further chanting on The anthems band The barter system Amid this chaos and change Was much tangible But that doesn’t mean at all, They were not amenable To […]